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Mother's Day spot

At BJ4M we strive to make content that's supportive, educational, funny and helps break down the walls and the stigmas around BoobJobs. 

Perfect Model Submission from Brittany

A lot of women ask me, "What should I say or put in my bio?" 

This is a perfect example! (Except for the driving part.)

She was open, honest and real. 

We want to tell your story and showcase you in the best light. 

Say why you're doing this, What your goals are, how this will make you feel. 

We want our donors to see the best version of you while getting a little insight into who you are. 

She gave me permission to repost this because I think it is perfect!

Plastic Surgery Concierge: Monica & Shelly's Boobjob story

This is an educational video for women about the pressures of not going as big as you want. 

Due to fear tactics  and shaming by doctors, other women and society there are a lot of women that cave to go smaller than they actually desire. 

In turn this provides more revenue when the  woman is coming back 3 or 4 times to get the size she wanted originally. 

We are here to put an end to that and help women realize (through other women's stories and testimonials.)

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help these women meet their plastic surgery needs and "Change the World One BoobJob at a time" 

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What is a "CC"

In this episode of AcOleTV we discuss what a CC is. 

I myself wasn't really sure when I first started this journey. 

Now I have a betterunderstanding. At ACole Industries and BoobJobs4Moms.com we strive to be Educational. 

Enjoy the video and we hope this helps. 

Featured model-M.E.